Albani (Alvani) Paolo

  • With this name are indicated different luthiers, some of which have biographical data so uncertain as to advance the hypothesis that this is false names invented for commercial purposes for the labels of serial instruments of nineteenth century: in particular one that would live in Cremona between 1750 and 1755. Some authors indicate that one would work in Palermo from 1630 to 1670, and then in Rome and Cremona, on the basis of the attribution of a small violin, containing the label "Signor Albani in Palermo 1633", which would be part of the englich collection of M. T. Forster. Others believe, and perhaps more reliably, that the author of this violin is a luthier in Palermo, almost unknown, with the same name of one who would be born in Cremona in 1650 and there would be conducting all its activities until his death in 1732.

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