Archivio della Liuteria Cremonese

  • The study of traditional violin making in Cremona, which can be considered as a cultural heritage of international interest, needs to move from the superficial historical point of view to a scientific approach to its real extent.

    This non-profit web site has therefore been created in order to be constantly updated and to offer all information, easily available to everybody in this database, about the violin making in Cremona, including all the aspects which contributed to its development in the town and its widespread around the world.

    The cultural importance of the town of Cremona is connected to its surroundings, whose frontiers were those of its Countryside and its Diocese. They formed in the Middle Age and included many places that are currently part of the Provinces of Bergamo, Milan, Piacenza, Parma and Mantua.

    In order to have a copy of the images included in this web site,  please ask the owners of the photos or the objects.