Antoniazzi Riccardo

  • Cremona, December 19, 1853 - Milano, November 11, 1913
  • Gaetano's son, he was probably trained in music and luthiery since his childhood, under the tutelage of his father. In 1880 he moved to Nice where he probably worked with Bianchi. In 1886 he moved back to Italy, he went to Milan where he met Leandro Bisiach and worked with him for some years. In 1904 he accepted to lead the “Casa Musicale Monzino e Figli” company. His autograph production is limited, because his early instruments were made with his father's label, while his later ones had the Monzino's label.
  • Riccardo Antoniazzi Cremonese / fece in Milano l'anno 18.. - Riccardo Antoniazzi Cremonese / figlio di Gaetano fece in Milano / l'anno 18..

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