Fontanini Aristide

  • Son of Pietro Andrea, residing in Rome since 1920, is said to have started working in 1935 for a pique. Born a press controversy about whether in a violin there it was a secret, by skillful carver, he began to build violins, but whose tables was not entirely dug. In 1946, he patented his system, which consisted of bending with his hands - without the use of mechanical, thermal or chemical means - the soundboard to obtain the longitudinal arch, which would favorably affect the gentleness and readiness of the instrument. When in 1946 he revealed his proceedings at a lecture held at the Ponchielli Theater in Cremona, he aroused great scalpore. In 1947 he set up a school shop in Salò (BS) for the production of instruments with his system. He built few instruments and devoted himself to research on wood and the acoustics.
  • Cremona, 1894 - Salò, 1953

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