Guarneri Andrea

  • His christening certificate was recently found in Casalbuttano, where he was born in 1623. His parents were Bartolomeo and Elisabetta Villa. In 1652, he married Anna Maria Orcelli (dead in 1695), he opened his own atelier existing in the house inherited from the young wife, with front in the square of San Domenico and back in the vicolo del Guasto, in St. Matthew parish, between 1653 and 1654. Two of his sons carried on the luthiery activity: Pietro moved to Mantua, as a viola player at the ducal court, while Giuseppe Giovanni Battista inherited his father's atelier in Cremona.
  • 1623 – 1698
  • Andreas Guarnerius fecit Cremonae sub titulo / Sanctae Teresia 16..

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