Guarneri Giuseppe Giovanni Battista

  • 1666 – 1740
  • Andrea's son was a violinist and violin maker like his brother Pietro, who moved to Mantua. He married Barbara Franchi in 1690, with whom he had three daughters: Teresa Elisabetta (? - 1691), Elisabetta Giovanna Rosa (1693-1698) Anna Caterina (1697-1697), and three children: Andrea Bartolomeo (1691-1706), Pietro ( 1695-1762) and Giuseppe Bartolomeo (1698-1744). He inherited from his father two houses from his mother's family with the adjoining shop, in which he continued his father's job but was burdened for his entire life with economic difficulties - also due to having to provide for his orphan grandchildren, sons of his brother Eusebio - and from poor health conditions (in the Passover period of 1630 he was hospitalized). Moreover, within the 1720 his son Pietro left the family and moved to Venice where he worked as a violin maker until his death, and in 1722 also Giuseppe Bartolomeo, married in Cremona a Viennese girl, went to live and work independent as a luthier himself. The exact date and place of death, which occurred in 1740, of Giuseppe Giovanni Battista are still unknown.
  • Ioseph Guarnerius filius Andreae fecit / Cremone sub titulo S. Teresie 17..
  • Hill 1931; Chiesa-Rosengard 1998

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