Gusetto (Gufetto - Guletto) Nicola

  • XVIII century
  • Henley and Vannes gave significantly different dates for this luthier presumably imaginary, with generous descriptions which imply the existence of a significant body of works. No biographical evidence of its existence has yet been brought to light and the instruments attributed to him are now difficult to find. According to the labels reproduced in these dictionaries he was a native of Florence, worked in Cremona already starting from 1701 until, at the latest, in 1813 (although it is suggested that these later specimens were finished by his followers after his death). The descriptions given are to undergo again Tyrolean models and Stradivari.
  • Nicolaus Gusetto Fiorentinus / Musicus Instrumentalis / a Cremona Ao 1785
  • Niederheitmann 1894

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