• Hyogo (Japan), September 3, 1943 - Cremona, September 17, 2015
  • Former assistant at the Faculty of Organic Chemistry at the University of Tokyo, he began to work professionally in violin making in 1965 in a Tokyo laboratorywhere he worked for 5 years as an apprentice. In 1970 he moved to Cremona, where he began to attend the International School of Liuteria, a pupil of Pietro Sgarabotto, Francesco Bissolotti and Gio. Batta Morassi, getting to the diploma in 1975 and subsequently he learned vernishing techniques with Ferdinando Galimberti in Milan. In 1984 he led to Cremona to the Prince of Japan Hiro (currently inherited prince) on his visit to Italy. The following year he was invited to the Togu Palace in Japan for an informal meeting with the Emperor, Empress and hereditary Prince. In 1989 he completed a project, begun around 1982, which lasted for seven years for the construction of Renaissance musical instruments. Completed the instruments he held concerts, conferences and other events on 'The violin heard by Hideyoshi' in over thirty locations in Japan and Italy, including the National Arts Festival of the Japanese Cultural Affairs Agency. In 1993 he met the Emperor and Empress in Milan as a representative of Japanese life in Italy. He has built violins, violas, cellos and Renaissance instruments (his instruments are exhibited in several Japanese museums) and it his also dedicated to the restoration of important musical instruments. In 1998 he built a purple for the hereditary Prince of Japan and in 2005 a violin for Princess Aiko. Ha presentato le sue opere in conferenze e mostre, sia in Giappone che in Italia, ed è stato un promotore attivo degli scambi culturali tra Giappone e Italia. He participated as a director assistant of the film of the NHK television film "Kawa no nagare wa violin no oto - Stream of the river, violin sound", shot at Cremona, awarded at the National Art Fair of the Japanese Business Agency Cultural and then worked with the same role for the film "Andalusia no niji - Rainbow in Andalusia" shot in Granada, Spain. He also directed and coordinated documentaries and music programs. He has published the books: "Il Liutaio" (Bookshop of the Convent, in Italian) and "Hideyoshi ga kiita baiorin - The violin heard by Hideyoshi" (Sanshin Tosho in Japanese) and the cd "400 nen mae no ongaku to kogakki - Music and instruments 400 years ago". He has also written several articles for magazines and newspapers.
  • Takashi Ishji giapponese / in Cremona 19…

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