Lucchi Giovanni

  • Cesena, August 21, 1942 - Cremona, August 2, 2012
  • Professional bass player, he has dedicated himself to the construction and restoration of the bows since 1971, when he specialized in Brienz in the laboratory of Johannes and S. Finkel. In 1976 he left the symphony orchestra and moved as a bow maker in Cremona, where he became professor of "construction and maintenance of bows " in the course of "Bows makers" of the Centro Formazione Professionale of the Regione Lombardia, where in 1982 it will become professor of "Technology, stylistics and Design". Since 2000, while still teaching the course of the CFP of the Regione Lombardia, holds seminars at the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria in Cremona on the themes: "The bow and his acoustic", "The restoration of the bows through the ages", "The new technology of wood". In 1993 he conceived and developed the "G. Lucchi Elasticity Tester" or "LucchiMeter", a tool that allows you to measure the mechanical and acoustic properties of wood for stringed instruments and musical instruments in general, highlighting in a simple and digital two important factors until then measured empirically: elasticity and sound quality. Its business is continued by his sons at " Lucchi Cremona".
  • "LucchiMeter", in: The Strad, giugno 1988; "The Use of Empirical and Scientific Methods to Measure the Velocity of Propagation of Sound", in: The Violin Society of America Journal, 2, 1988; "How to Visualize Il Bel Suono in Real Time", in: The Violin Society of America Journal, 2, 1998; "Repairing a bow using a toothed patch", in: The Strad, ottobre 2008.

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