Maggi Mario

  • Born in Cremona, he studied at the Conservatory of Music of Piacenza and graduated in violin from the Conservatory of Athens. New-graduated, he participated at a concert of the Berliners at the Grande Bretagne in Sintagma Square in Athens and, with his friend Varesi, he performed on Athens Radio during the years of the Second World War. Back in his home country, he performed in several bands and in the Orchestra of the Teatro Ponchielli. He worked as a piano tuner for the Anelli Company in Cremona and as a viola teacher at the International School of Luthiery, which was joined to the ITIS School and then to the new IPIALL School in Cremona. He was a friend of Maestro Peter Tatar and he was a member of the juries of several editions of the Biennal Luthiery Competition of Cremona. He never gave up with the music, while he became a collector of instruments and a good restorer and maker of copies of instruments of the Renaissance with his son Sergio. In 1989 he won the Città di Baveno Award for “a life devoted to music and art”. The ITIS School in Cremona dedicated to him part of its Educational Museum. Nowadays, his sons Giorgio and Sergio keep his collection.
  • Cremona, 23 giugno 1916 - 25 settembre 2009
  • Mario Maggi / fece in Cremona / nell'anno 19..

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