Pedrazzini Giuseppe

  • Pizzighettone (CR), January 13, 1879 - Ozzano (MI), October 19, 1957
  • Angelo's son, cabinetmaker, was very interested in violin and music. At 12 he made the carpenter and began to build guitars. In 1903 he moved to Milan by an uncle's and came into contact with Romeo Antoniazzi until the opening of his own laboratory. From 1934 he resided in Milan in Via Cavallotti 11. He dedicated himself to acoustic physics and wood technology. He obtained a gold medal in 1920 in Rome at the Concorso di Santa Cecilia in Rome and in 1937 presented a string quartet at the Mostra concorso di liuteria contemporanea of Cremona. He was a violin-maker for a long time at the Conservatory of Music in Milan. He built about 2,000 guitars, more than 300 violins, more than thirty violas, more than seventy cellos and about thirty double basses, in addition to mandolins, lutes and chitarroni. Part of its production was exported from an English home. His models they inspired by Stradivari, but he also made copies of the instruments of the greatest authors. It had a fine workmanship, with varnishes of different types and gradations - from yellow to amber to reddish, seasoned woods and, often, for the baks, the maple of the Po Valley (oppio). Her sister's son, Natale Novelli, was her pupil.
  • Giuseppe Pedrazzini / Cremonese / fece in Milano l'Anno 19..

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