Schiavi Carlo

  • San Bassano (CR), 31 marzo 1908 - Piacenza, 1943
  • He went to 12 years as a boy at the Officina Claudio Monteverdi, pupil of Luigi Digiuni, and then he perfected at Fiume where he worked for some years under Francesco Kresnik, producing a hundred violins, three violas and one cello. In 1937 he resided in Cremona, on viale Regina Margherita, and participated at the Mostra Concorso di liuteria contemporanea of the Stradivarius Bicentennial and in 1938 at the Berlin International Exhibition, where he was chosen to show the work of the violin-maker in the rebuilt Stradivari workshop. He was the first lab teacher at the Scuola Internzionale di Liuteria of Cremona, after Simeone Sacconi's rejection. He died in Piacenza while it was in military service during World War II.

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