Master of the Door of Princes of the cathedral of Modena (?)

1107/15 c. - Players of harp and cymbals

The image is the detail of the highest part of a fragment of a bas-relief, jamb of a likely portal, depicting a inhabited branch held up by a Telamon.

A man, identified by some authors with David (but has no crown), seated on the right plays the harp triangular with flat shelf and straight column.
A woman, sitting on the left in front of the man, he plays a percussion instrument that some authors have identified with a tambourine, but the convex shape and the concentric circles suggests a more likely pair of cymbals

  • Cremona, Cathedral, placed horizontally on the porch of the west facade, to the left of the main portal.
  • 1107/15
  • Stone
  • Sculpture in bas-relief
  • Decent
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Puerari 1971; Gandolfo 2001; Quintavalle 2007

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