Antonio De Ferrari (Pavia ? - Cremona ?) - attributed

1400 (first half) - Coronation of the Virgin

The scene of the event, which is now hidden from the XVI century altarpiece of S. Michele, is flanked by three musician angels flying on each side.

The instruments played by the angels are:

left top

The Clarion is painted in gray to represent the metal and has hanging on a flag

The portable organ is represented with cabinet of gothic style, with the keyboard in front and behind the bellows, and the double row of 12-13 metal pipes strung between two supports in the tower.

The bombard tenor or bass (wooden double-reed instrument) is recognized by the size and of the enlargement placed along the barrel between the holes and the bell.

to right from the top

The Clarion is represented in the form mirrored with similar characteristics to that of on the left side.

The lute 4 choirs, with pear-shaped body and rose flower pattern with perforated, is played by the angel with a plectrum held in the right hand.

The shawm (wooden double-reed instrument) is recognized by the existing holes on the barrel.

  • Cremona, Cathedral, north transept, altar of St. Michael
  • Half of the fifteenth century
  • Mural painting
  • Fresco
  • Good
  • Puerari 1971; Quintavalle 2007 (II); Bonazzi 2012

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