Cristoforo Moretti (Cremona, ante 1451 - 1485 c.)

1460 c. - S. Genesius

Compartment of a dismembered polyptych depicting the Madonna with Child and saints already in the Chapel of S. Aquilino of the Basilica of S. Lorenzo Maggiore in Milan.

Instrument depicted:

Rebec: Form of the piriforme case, probably in monobloc with neck and pegbox. The soundboard maybe leather in the bridge area, to which there are two C-shaped harmonics holes, and wood in the upper part, with a perforated rosette, united with the keyboard. It is armed with 3 strings, as shown by the pegs in the sinkle pegbox with anthropomorphic head at the top. The bow is archaic, perhaps in cane bent down.

  • Milano, Museo Poldi Pezzoli
  • Temporary storage 729
  • 1460 c.
  • painting on wood
  • Tempera
  • 105,5 x 38,7 cm
  • Good
  • Basilica of S. Lorenzo Maggiore, Chapel of S. Aquilino, Milan; Count E. Mediano, Milan; 1928 C. Foresti; A. Contini Bonacossi, Florence-Rome; Conte V. Cini, Venice; 1951 Italian State
  • Gregorietti - Boccia - Frova 1972; Natale 1982

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