Antonio Cicognara - Cremona, sec. XV

1483/84 - Letter C with David musician

The miniature cropped from a code shows the King David sitting in a meadow playing a string instrument.

The instrument presents the characteristics of a construction  of the body in a single piece of wood, with the pegbox at sickle ending in caulicolo. The soundboard, which has at the top of the shoulders at corner with a sort of "hump" that connects him with the neck, has two resonance holes to C and a rosette near at the keyboard, particulars that  together with the armature with three strings, fixed at the lower end of the body, they assimilate to a rebec.

  • Cremona, Museo Civico "Ala-Ponzone"
  • D 64
  • 1483/84
  • Ala Ponzone Legacy 1842
  • 14.3 x 13 cm (excluding the frieze)
  • Painting on parchment
  • Good
  • Tempera
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Puerari 1976

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