Luigi Miradori, called "il Genovesino" - Genoa (?) - Cremona, 1654 (post)

1646 - The procession of St. Rocco

The painting, which is part of the polyptych that adorns the altar of the saint, to the left above shows a tribune a musical group that plays basetto, trombone, flute and violin.

Of the bass viol is only visible the pegbox at volute with scroll, but without division of the groove, and the four pegs.

Of the trombone can be seen the mouthpiece and part of the leadpipe, the tuning slide and part of the main slide.

The transverse wooden flute is well delineated also in the posture of the musician.

The violin is summarily described but is recognizable by the size and by posture of the musician.

  • Cremona, Cathedral, north transept, the altar of St. Rocco
  • 1646
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • Good
  • Jotta 1995; Guazzoni 2007

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