Cristoforo Agosta - Casalmaggiore 1570 - the end of the sixteenth century

1597 - Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine of Siena

In the upper part of the picture a group of angel musicians playing a lute, a viola and a cornett.

Of the lute is only partially visible the soundboard which are appreciable only part of the bridge and the rose perforated, drawn more further down than the correct position.

The viola da braccio is represented in detail in its "modern" morphology, with the holes resonance at effe, the tailpiece, the bridge and the fingerboard shape of the Renaissance, the pegbox at volute with scroll and pegs with the tablet trefoil. Even the bow is faithfully reproduced, like his grip in the right hand of the player.

The cornett, although only partially visible, is recognizable by its shape, the dark color and the position of the acorn-cups on the side of the mouth of the player.

  • Cremona, Museo Civico "Ala-Ponzone"
  • n. 220
  • 1597
  • Purchase, post 1864
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • Good
  • Cremona, Church of S. Dominic, Chapel of St. Catherine of Siena
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Loda 2003

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