Antonio Campi, Cremona, 1524 – Cremona, 1587)

1500 (mid) - Lute Player (S. Cecilia?)

The female musician is holding a lute, leaning against a organ, against which - on the ground - is leaning a viola with its bow.

The lute is outlined without organological particulars important, as the hole of resonance with carved rosette.

The positive organ, seen in three-quarters, does not offer organological informations.

From viola, visible only in the middle with flanked the his bow, are remarkable the body with sidecut a C and the pegbox at scythe.

  • 1500 (metà)
  • 21.3 x 13.5 cm
  • Chiaroscuro at three woods
  • Xylography
  • Buonincontri 1985

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