1550-1600 - Fresh decorations of the Pallavicini-Barbò Palace in Torre Pallavicina

747/5000 The 'Palatio Novo' was erected in the sixteenth century, alongside more skilful pre-existences belonging to the family, by Adalberto, son of Galeazzo I of the Pallavicino of Busseto and Elisabetta Sforza, after years spent in command of the troops of the Venetian Republic and the Duke of Urbino and at the same time as the excavation of the Naviglio Pallavicino, built starting from 1512 deriving the water from the Oglio river, distributing it in the upper Cremona area and flowing into the Ciria up to the Po east of Cremona, from which the family obtained substantial revenues. During the sixteenth century the rooms of the Palazzo Nuovo were decorated in fresco by famous Cremonese painters. and together with the whole complex it passed to the Barbò family by inheritance in 1851.

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