Bernardino Campi, Reggio Emilia 1521 - 1591

1566 (ante) - St. Cecilia and St. Catherine of Alexandria

Preparatory drawing the blade of the chapel of St. Cecilia's church of S. Sigismondo in Cremona

Positive organ. The instrument has a similar piece of the one painted on the altarpiece of 1566, but devoid of carving decoration; the pipes are degrading to the left.

String instrument. You indefinable the instrument type outlined whole, hung right in a vertical position. The sidecut of the body at CC and the pegbox not visible.

Tamburello. The small instrument is placed vertically above the bottom shelf, with clearly shown the circular frame with double plates inserted.

  • Cremona, Museo Civico "Ala-Ponzone"
  • n. 331
  • 1566 (ante)
  • Drawing on paper
  • Pen, watercolor bistro and white lead
  • Decent
  • Gregori 2000

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