Anonymous Cremonese painter

1570/1610 - Portrait of a musician

The young musician, seated at a table on which are music paper, an inkwell with a quill pen and a flute, holds in his hands a basso di viola and his bow, while a viola is hanging on the wall behind his shoulders

Instruments represented:

Bassetto of viola da braccio, with keyboard without keys and volute pegbox which you can see 4 pegs , of which the termination is probably not seen in a scroll, in .

4-string viola, with belly with double purfling and ff resonance holes, keyboard decorated with inlays (you can't see the pegbox).

Partial view of probable transverse flute with metal rim, placed on the table.

  • 1570.1610
  • Oxford, Ashmolean Museum
  • A863a
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • 75 x 56 cm
  • Good
  • By the descendants of Stradivari the authentic portrait of the ancestor was believed to be but until the nineteenth century criticism denied this identification. Later, some authors wanted identify you Claudio Monteverdi and some other Gasparo da Salò.
  • Stradivari family, Giacomo (II) Stradivari, J. B. Vuillaume, W.H., A.F. and A.E. Hill

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