Gervasio Gatti, called "il Sojaro" - Cremona, 1549 - 1631

1616 - The Virgin gives the Rosary to St. Dominic and the Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine

The painting depicts the Madonna and Child with the two saints in the clouds surrounded by angels, those in low-musicians.

The instruments represented are:

A lute 7 course show on the soundboard the bridge/tailpiece of dark wood, the carved rose in the center and the two dark purflings of the threads on the keyboard of dark wood, the correct angle of the pegbox with 13 pegs.

The violin with the setting of transition between the Renaissance and Baroque and the bow of the same era.

The design of the portative harp is more summary. The instrument you see only in part with the incongruent tracking of the strings between the console and the curve column.

The transverse flute, with the holes of the notes, it is perhaps too attached to the nose of player.

  • San Secondo (PR), Church of St. Mary of the Annunciation
  • 1616
  • Gervasius de Gattis dictus Soliarius, 1616
  • 292 x 195 cm
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • Good
  • Cirillo-Godi 1985

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