Angelo Innocente Massarotti, Cremona 3 giugno 1654 - 1623

1700-1702 - Glory of the Benedictine Order

The fresco decorates the entire vaulted ceiling of the exterior church of the former monastery of St. Benedict, which shows, on the sides of SS. Trinity, two groups of angels and saints musicians and singers.

Represented instruments:

Group left

Baroque lute, you notice the perforated rosette and the black wooden keyboard and are well drawned the hands postures on the keyboard and the strings.

Trumpet, played by the putto placed to the left of the lute player.

Positive organ, with only the left side of the console and with the keyboard on which the only visible hand of the player is well positioned.

Group rigth

Four-stringed Basset showing a body larger than that of the cello (its descendant), faithfully represented in its "baroque" hype, except for the scroll of the pegbox that the painter painted in the central part more largest of the natural.

Portable Diatonic Harp, depicted in its essential lines with an acanthus leaf decoration at the top of the curved column.

Violin, played by the putto to the left of the harp player.

Guitar, played by the angel to the left of the bass player, well-outlined in its shapes and organologic details.

  • Cremona, ex chiesa esterna del Monastero di S. Benedetto (Via dei Mille)
  • 1700-1702
  • Mural painting
  • Fresco
  • In poor storage conditions for the bad state of the roof overlying.
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Zaist 1774; Aglio 1794; Camelli 1938; Gregori - Schleier 1988; Gregori-Bandera Gregori, 1990

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