Antonio Gianlisi junior (Rizzolo 1677 - Cremona 1727)

1700-1727 - Still life with musical instruments

Instruments represented:

Lute: With the soundboard on the table, on the right, there is only part of the body, with light and dark slats, and the cuff that gathers them at the bottom with the button.

Spanish Guitar: With the back on the table on the left, see the right flank with the neck and the ribs decorated with two inlaid strips, made up of alternating elements of mother-of-pearl and dark wood. The visible part of the soudboard, between the bridge and the lower part of the body, is decorated with an engraved fillomorphous motif, filled with dark stucco.

  • Unknown
  • 1700-1727
  • 58 x 95 cm
  • Painting on canvas
  • Oil
  • Bocchi 2014; Bocchi 2015

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