Francesco Gianlisi - sec. XVII-XVIII

1700 (first quarter) - Still Life with Musical Instruments

The large painting showing a landscape in the background on the right and left an environment with a table covered with carpets with propped a cello, a lute and a guitar.

The cello, with the bow inserted behind the keyboard, is reproduced in its defined form from the time of Stradivari, with Baroque tailpiece and keyboard and the bridge located between the notches of the f-holes.

Of the lute is in view only the back with slats of wood light and dark, while the back of the nack is black. You do not see the pegbox.

The guitar is roughly outlined and it is perhaps also discernible in the slight curvature of the left rib and the hole in the center of the soundboard.The other visible elements are not sufficient for sure classification.

  • Cremona, Palazzo Comunale, Hall of "Decurioni"
  • 1700 (first quarter)
  • 210 x 315 cm
  • Painting on canvas
  • Decent
  • Oil
  • Puerari 1951

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