Bernardino Gatti, said "il Sojaro", Pavia 1495 c. - Cremona 1576

1572/73 - Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The large altarpiece depicting the Virgin Mary taken into heaven in a blaze of angels, some of them musicians, seen from below by some apostles.

Viola: The shape of the string instrument is now close to that of the "modern" violin, although very elongated and with sound hole at crescent-shaped. The tailpiece is trapezoidal and located far from the edge; The bridge is designed summarily; keyboard short as it was used in the Renaissance; do not draw the strings and the pegbox not visible does not provide data on the armor and make the image not interesting from the point of view organological.

Lira "theatrical": the instrument fondles the form of the classical lyre but with a body that fills the whole profile detected, with a circular hole resonance. The strings are not painted. It seems to be a tool existed for perhaps only the theatrical exhibition.

Cornett: although it is visible only the initial part of the barrel, the lateral position on the mouth of the angel player and the curvature does recognize unequivocally the type of the instrument.

Lute: the instrument is recognizable by the general morphology but does not offer significant organological information.

  • Cremona – Cathedral, apse cylinder
  • 1572/73
  • canvas
  • oil
  • good
  • Viola, Lyre "theatrical", Cornet, Lute
  • Gianpaolo Gregori (details)
  • Puerari 1971; Gregori 2000

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