Bernardino Campi, Reggio Emilia 1521 - 1591

1569 - King David

Preparatory drawing, squared, for the personage in the painting of the dome of the tiburio of the church of S. Sigismondo in Cremona

The biblical king is similar to the final painting in fresco, but the instrument is mentioned a rosette of resonance at the center of the CC and the pagbox is well designed in scythe terminating with a carved animal head.

  • Florence – Museo degli Uffizi, Gabinetto dei Disegni
  • n. 1392 E
  • Drawing on paper
  • black pencil, brown wash
  • 16,1 x 14,9 cm
  • Good
  • Vihuela da mano
  • Ferrari 1974; Gregori 2000

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