Bartolomeo Vanini - Paolo Sacca

1567/68 - Trophy with musical instruments

The trophy is made equal in the two carved rear balustrades of the organ and the choir.

The viola da braccio in the foreground is particularly interesting because, as sculpted in three dimensions, it offers a realistic idea of the instrument, which presents with the sidecut to CC and the protruding beacks on the sides, and the bottom of the table with protruding board, the holes of resonance S-shaped, the tailpiece contoured tied to a spherical big button infix in the lower block, the keyboard short, the pegbox at sickle terminating with a feline head. The bridge is not of particular organological interest because is only hinted at by a finger straight, but on it there are three notches, as mentioned there in the tailpiece are reasons to believe that the instrument was armed with 3 strings, non-existent, how missing the pegs in the pegbox. Under the instrument is placed bow.

Another smaller viola da braccio (or violin) is placed sideways under the previous and, in fourth floor, his bow.

Of a cister is only visible part of the pear-shaped body with carved rosette.

In the second and third floors, between booklets of music, one can identify some wind instruments, which are recognizable: a cornett; a horn; a shawm and a largest shawm (bombarda ?).

  • Cremona, Cathedral
  • 1567/68
  • gilt wood
  • carving
  • good
  • Viola 3 strings
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Gregori 2000

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