Giulio Campi, Cremona, 1508 c. - 1573

1539 - David

Preparatory drawing of David painted on the wall of the counter-façade of the south transept of the church of San Sigismondo in Cremona. Hanging on the wall behind the shoulders of the Prophet there are other instruments, certainly a psaltery and a harp.

The stringed instrument (lirone da gamba ?) is substantially equal to that of the final fresco, except for the termination of the pagbox, consisting of a child head.

The ssalter has a strange shape to cartouche with a carved rose in the center of the soundboard.
The feline head that comes out from the bottom may be of another instrument.

Of the portative harp you see the top coming out over the Psalter, behind which seems glimpse also the bag and two reeds of a bagpipe.

  • Vienna - Albertina Library
  • 1661, n. B. 421
  • 1539
  • 41,9 x 27,1 cm
  • drawing on brownish paper
  • pen and watercolor bistro, with preparation in charcoal and white lead
  • good
  • Albert von Sachsen-Teschen
  • Ferrari 1974; Bora 1985; Gregori 2000

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