Girolamo Mori e Paolo Maltempo, su disegno di Bernardino Campi

1568/70 - King David

Circumscribed by a plaque, the King David is lying on his right side with headdress similar to that of the same personage painting among the saints of Paradise in the dome of the tiburio, but wearing a long shirt that protrudes under the armor and stoching the boots. In his left hand holds the handle of a vihuela de arco, whose bow holds in the right hand.

The stringed instrument is only partially visible but are evident the sidecut at CC to the sides of the body, a sound hole C-shaped sound hole on the soundboard, the keyboard short and pegbox backwards like that of the lute.

  • Cremona - Church of S. Sigismondo, balustrade of the organ
  • 1560 - 1570
  • gilded wood
  • carving
  • good
  • not detected
  • Vihuela da arco
  • Gregori 2000

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