Camillo Boccaccino, Venice 1504-5 - Cremona 1546

1530 (ante) - The prophets Isaiah and David

Preparatory drawing of the organ doors of the church of Santa Maria di Campagna

The painter he drew here a string instrument equal in the size but morphologically different from the one put in the hands of the biblical King in the definitive work. Seen from the back, the body has oval profile with sidecuts at C and pegbox at leaf.

  • New York - Pierpont Morgan Library
  • n. 1973.39
  • paper prepared for brown-ocher
  • drawing in black chalk, pen and brown wash, dry point and highlight sections with white
  • 28,8 x 25,3 cm
  • Viola da gamba
  • Bora 1985; Gregori 2000

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