Antonio Campi, Cremona 1523 - 1587

1573 - Allegory of Cremona

The press, attached to the book, "Cremona Fedelissima", published in 1583, presents the city in figure of armed woman who has at his feet, among the many symbolic objects, different musical instruments

The stringed instrument at 4-strings in the profile of the body resembles that of the first pilaster of St. Sigismodo church, with protruding beaks to CC side; the soundboard is convex with holes resonance at C facing outwards; the tailpiece is trapezoidal and the bridge at stool positioned between the holes of resonance, but downwards. The keyboard has keys, probably related in gut, and the pegbox is a crescent-terminated with the scroll. The 4 pegs have a heart-shaped pad.

  • 1573
  • print on paper
  • engraving on copper
  • Lute 6 choirs, Viola 4-string, Cornett, Flute-beak, Organ Pipes
  • Gregori 2000

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