Jacques-Joseph Lecurieux (Dijon 1801 - ? 1870 c.)

Nicolò Amati

The fantasy portrait shows the young character, with his adolescent mustache barely hinted above the upper lip and a long hairstyle, who wears a long tunic with wide sleeves over a shirt closed at the neck by a ribbon forming an elaborate float under the chin. He plays a violin, seated on a sort of chest, on the lower edge of which the author's signature is handwritten: J. Lecurieux Del. et Sculp .. Four instruments hang on his right and on the left some sheets that look like technical drawings are attached to the wall, while a sheet with unrecognizable printed inscriptions is placed near his knees. The five instruments, as well as the bow, are drawn with much approximation.

  • XIX Century
  • Under the edge of the press - sin: J. Lecurieux sculp. - ds: A. Cadart Edit. Imp. Rue N.ve de Marthurins, 58, Pais - below center: AMATI
  • Paper
  • Printing from etching
  • 22,5 x 13 cm
  • Also indicated under the edge of the plate impression: A- Cadart, Rue N.ve de Marthurins, 59, Paris

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