• Crema (CR), February 5, 1880 - December 12, 1940
  • Pushed by the Father Teodoro, he began to play violin early. He moved to Milan where he attended the Music Conservatory, becoming a violinist. By attending the Leandro Bisiach's lab, and came into contact at thirty years with the Antoniazzi brothers, he had the first lessons of lutherie. A bit disordered and persecuted by the misfortune, he worked in Crema, Milan, Lodi, Bergamo, building a thousand violins, fifteen violas and a dozen cello, preferably Stradivarius model of the last manner. He also used for the funds maple wood of the Po Valley (oppio). He used varnish mostly in spirit but also in oil, preferably yellow or yellow orange. He also repaired some ancient instruments. His sons Tullio and Manlio were his pupils, which explains the great number of instruments produced. Three of his violins, instead of the hedgehog, have carved the heads of Stradivari of Hamman, Mozart and Beethoven. The style of his instruments is close to Romeo Antoniazzi's style. At the end he returned to Crema where he died in misery.

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