• Paderno Cremonese, sept. 7, 1873 - Cremona 1940
  • Luigi's son, from 1885 to 1888, attended the School of Design of the Istituto Ala Ponzone of Cremona. Meanwhile he went on a regular basis in Luigi Guastalli's cabinet workshop, making some guitars. In 1888 he emigrated to Brazil, in S. Paulo, where he worked in a furnitures factory in the carving section. Returned to Cremona in 1892, in a closet in his own home-yard where he brought his tools, he began to build guitars and mandolins, also repairing violins. Urged by Aristide Cavalli to begin building a violin, Bosi accepted and after about a year of attempts he presented a violin of his construction. Given the good outcome of the test, he abandoned the production of pinch instruments and devoted only to bow instruments: violins, violas, Stradivari and double bass. From 1896 to 1899 he worked with Aristide Cavalli at the Monteverdi workshop in the former Alfieri theater in via Villa Glori, which was equipped with woodworking machinery. In 1900, Bosi ceased to produce violins, but continued on their own the construction studios, and began to do so in the 1920s, working steadily at the Claudio Monteverdi Workshop, later moving as a leader in the frames factory of Cavalli and Poli Of Via S. Bernardo, where he also lived. He built a hundred violin Stradivari's model, gluing in the first a manuscript label and only since 1924 at print. It ceased the luthier activities in 1932 due to illness. In 1937 he was present with a violin at the Stradivariant Bicentennial Exhibition.

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