Bianchi Nicolò

  • Albisola Superiore (Sv), 1804 – Nice, January 4, 1880
  • Son of Charles and Anna Bazzano (or Bozzano). The circumstances of his apprenticeship are not known. Many dictionaries claim that he would be a pupil of Ceruti in Cremona, but there is no documentary confirmation in that regard. His activity has been documented in France since 1844. Since 1846 he worked in Paris in Rue Vivienne and subsequently in Rue Neuve des Petits Champs No. 7. In a list of Parisian violin makers published by the Almanac-Bottin du Commerce of 1856, it is referred to as: "Violin maker of Cremona, repairer and regulator of string instruments, inventor of violino-viola, conservative of the ancient tradition of Cremona. Seller of Naples strings, Italian instruments and everything related to the lutherie." In 1869 he returned to Italy and settled in Genoa in the Vico del Cetriolo n ° 2 (adjacent to the Opera Theater Carlo Felice), remaining until 1877, Year of his definitive transfer to Place du Jardin 4 in Nice. He died in Nice.

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