Bissolotti Francesco

  • Soresina, April 2, 1929 - Cremona, January 31, 2019
  • Before enrolling the International School of Violin Making in Cremona in 1957, he had been a cabinetmaker and carver. A pupil of Pietro Sgarabotto, and a debtor for the restoration of the lessons held in the school by Giuseppe Ornati and Ferdinando Galimberti, he graduated in 1961. Afterwards, professionally decisive, he had been his relationship with Simone Fernando Sacconi. After graduation he had opened one of the first laboratory-shops in Cremona and for twenty-six years he had been laboratory lecturer at the International Violin Making School. Then he continued his activity in the same city, passing his knowledge to his four sons Marco Vinicio, Maurizio, Vincenzo and Tiziano, died prematurely.
  • Francesco Bissolotti / Soresina - Cremona / fece Anno 19..

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