Bissolotti Tiziano

  • Soresina, Juin 26, 1959 - Cremona, July 5, 1995
  • Of the four sons of Francesco Bissolotti, Tiziano was the one who, from an early age, expressed an early talent for violin making and carving. At the age of ten he enjoyed carving small objects using, with a certain skill, all the gouges from his father's workshop. He began studying the piano, under the guidance of the Polish violin maker Ian Kudanowski, a pupil of his father and pianist graduated from the conservatory in Varsavia, revealing a certain attitude, but he abandoned it for his inconstancy in his studies. In 1974 he enrolled at the International School of Lutherie of Cremona who attended for three years without graduating, preferring to work in the family workshop devoting himself to the construction of violins, violas, cellos and double basses and also specializing in the production of classical guitars a model he designed. In the years 1983-84 he moved to Paris at the workshop of the luthier and restorer René Quenoil, where he devoted himself to the frames, especially the cello, after which he returned to his father's laboratory where, with alternating vicissitudes, he worked until his death. It is assumed that he built about a hundred instruments.

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