Cironi Giovanni Maria

  • Pozzaglio ? - Cremona 1630 ?
  • Bernardino's son, he came from Pozzaglio, from where he would have moved with his family to Cremona between 1590 and 1595, living in the parish of S. Sepolcro. In 1610 he applied for the recognition of the Cremonese citizenship to the presidents of the city government, declaring that "for more than fifteen and twenty years, with wife and sons, he has lived and lives in the present city where he practices art for manufacture instruments, that is, violas and citarre and wood from citra”. Probably the request was accepted and we find it ten years later registered with the Guild of Marengoni (Carpenters) of the city, when at the assembly of January 7, 1620 he was elected to one of the annual offices of government of the association. He also participated, together with his son Gerolamo, in the meeting of 7 January 1627. In the will dictated in 1624 he appointed heirs his sons Clara (married to Andrea Lanzoni), Gerolamo and Florindo (priest) as heirs. He would have died in 1630, at the time of the plague epidemic. No example of his violin making is known.

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