Rovescalli Tullio

  • Milano, 21 gennaio 1906 - Rozzano (MI), November 22, 1974
  • Second son of Azzo, from whom he learned at the age of 15 the first rudiments of the profession, he worked at Crema and later at Lodi and finally opened his lab in Milan, at no. 11 of the Bastioni di Porta Genova. He worked especially for orchestrals of the Teatro alla Scala, performing repairs, including valuable instruments, and producing new instruments. During World War II his laboratory was destroyed by the Allied bombings on Milan, forcing him to abandon the liuteria to devote himself to the construction of wooden toys. He produced guitars, violins, violas and cellos, sometimes using poplar wood. From 1967 he moved to Rozzano (MI) where he died.

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