Tatar Peter (Pietro)

  • Bátaszék (H), December 1, 1909 - New York (USA), April 21, 1973
  • He was a carpenter and cabinet maker and self-taught luthier since 1922. In 1933 he came to Italy on foot, singing and playing to cover his travel expenses. He stopped for a certain time in Rijeka where he received notions of violin by Francesco Kresnik. He came to Cremona, but not having labs of liuteria willing to give him work went on to Milan, where he lived in a furniture factory and graduated singing at the Civic School of Music. Thanks to a scholarship of the Hungarian Consulate, he returned to Cremona and enrolled in the 1941-42 school year of the Scuola Internazionale di Liuteria, of which he was the first foreign student, a pupil of Carlo Schiavi, graduating in 1943. At the death of Schiavi He was offered the teaching of a "laboratory", which he held until 1958. Since becoming an Italian citizen in 1953, during his years in Cremona he won numerous diplomas and built at least 20 violins per year, violas and cello, constructed with meticulous care And beautifully varnish usually reddish. In some violins he mounted pink wood accessories with inlays and silver monograms. He also built miniature violins. He was also a restorer of ancient instruments. In 1948 he took part in the Cremona Consorso Internazione di LIuteria. Emigrated to the United States he settled in Yorkville in 1959, then in Manhattan since 1960, moving to New York City in 1965. In the United States he built about a dozen violins on the Stradivari and Guarneri models.
  • Tatar Peter / fecit AD 19 .. / Cremona Maestro SIL; Liutaio Peter Tatar in Cremonensi Universitate / Magister Liutarius fecit 1949
  • Vannes 1951; Jalovec 1957

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