Camillo Boccaccino, Cremona, 1505 - 1546

1535/37 - Trophy with musical instruments

The musical instruments, a viola da braccio and a lute, are depicted at the top of a pillar decoration of the apse.

The viola da braccio of three strings (violin?) resembles in the profile of the body that of the Assumption of Soncino, but has the body with beacks sticking to the CC and the shadows seem to show a curvature of the soundboard that starts far away from the edges; the holes of resonance are at C; the tailpiece is perhaps overly triangular; the bridge at stool, positioned much below the sound holes, has legs very widened outwards. The keyboard has keys, probably linked of gut, and the pegbox is a crescent with a scroll termination. I have 3 pegs with the tablet heart-shaped with a bead placed between the two lobes.

Of the lute are visible the shell of dark wood slats, the back of the neck with keys and pegbox with 4 pegs, that are presumed armed with five course.

  • Cremona, Church of S. Sigismondo, pillar south of the apse
  • 1535/37
  • mural painting
  • fresco
  • good
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Gregori 2000

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