Giovanni Maria Platina (Piadena?, About 1455 - Mantua, 1500), based on drawings by Antonio Della Corna (?, 1450/55 -?, Post 1500) and Antonio Cicognara (Cremona, pre 1480 - Ferrara, post 1500)

1490 - Lute 5 course

The instrument is placed on view with the back at slats on the bottom shelf of a narrow window surmounted by a cabinet with the doors open above which is placed one cage with a bird. Behind the instrument you see the landscape outside. The neck of the instrument is facing the observer and held in place by a cord tied to the nail driven in the right jamb. Are obvious the 8 gut keys tied to the neck and the shape of the pegbox, with 9 pegs with a head heart-shaped, for the armor at five courses (4 doubles and sing simple). Are clearly visible on the soundboard the pierced rosette with the design of a flower with 16 petals and the bridge.

  • Cremona, Cathedral, Choir
  • 1490
  • Marquetry
  • Various woods
  • Not detected
  • Buono
  • Liuto
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Puerari 1971; Gregori 2000

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