Giovanni Maria Platina (Piadena?, About 1455 - Mantua, 1500), based on drawings by Antonio Della Corna (?, 1450/55 -?, Post 1500) and Antonio Cicognara (Cremona, pre 1480 - Ferrara, post 1500)

1490 - Lute 5 course

The instrument is placed inside of a cabinet with the doors open, seen from the front. On the table are well highlighted the shape of the bridge and rosette perforated flower of 16 petals with a central button with 9 holes to drill, and a second level pierced below. The only two staves are concave bottom visible. The neck is well delineated with eight keys of catgut, the nut and the pegbox with the nine pegs with a heart-shaped head, perfectly stretched the strings from the nut to the bridge (4 doubles and the treble simple).

  • Cremona, Cathedral, Choir
  • 1490
  • Various woods
  • Marquetry
  • Good
  • Not detected
  • Lute
  • Gianpaolo Gregori
  • Puerari 1971; Gregori 2000

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