Paolo Sacca (Cremona, ? - 1537)

1518/27 - Lute 6 course

The lute is reproduced with realism, with a shell made up of 9 concaves slats, laid with the soundboard on a book in the top of a bow or arch window; the marquetry also shows the handle and the pegbox pointing to the observer (missing the apical crosspiece perhaps lost in a restoration) with 11 pegs with a head heart-shaped, for a six courses (5 doubles and a simple treble). On the lower floor are two books, with overlapping - overturned on one side - a candle lamp and a sheet of paper.

  • Bologna, Church of San Giovanni in Monte, back 22
  • 1518-1527
  • Various woods
  • Good
  • Marquetry
  • Gurrieri 1984

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