Paolo Sacca (Cremona, ? - 1537)

1518/27 - Rebec and Vielle with three strings

The instruments are placed in the lower compartment of a cabinet or a arch window that has placed books on the upper shelf. In the lower floor, behind the instruments, is the view of a castle.

In the foreground, placed on the back and slightly of prospectus, there is the three-string viella with flat soudboard and resonance holes at C, and the bridge clearly visible. The back, the ribs showing a tip above the lower lobe, the handle and the anklets leafy are obtained from a single block of wood. The three fixtures frontally pegs have a head heart-shaped.

The three-strings rebec, standing upright on the right, shows the monobloc of the bottom, the handle and the ankle pegbox, in which the three heart-shaped pegs are fixtured to the sides. On the keyboard there is a rosette and the soundboard has resonance holes at C.

  • Bologna, Church of San Giovanni in Monte, back 2
  • 1518-1527
  • Various woods
  • Marquetry
  • Good
  • Gurrieri 1984

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