Camillo Boccaccino, Cremona, 1505 - 1546

1535/37 - Trophy with musical instruments

The musical instruments, a horn and a shawm (?), a hurdy-gurdy played by a putto, a viola and two trumpets, are painted in the upper part of the decoration.

The horn is hanging at a chain attached to the ring soldered onto a copper band that embraces the instrument, the white mouthpiece can be of bone or ivory, the other end is wrapped in a sort of "bell" of brass.

Of the shawm (?) is visible only the central part of the pipe put askew under the horn.

The hurdy-gurdy, large format, played by the putto has the trapezoidal body with a widening with two beack in the sides of the wheel, covered by the wheel cover;on the soundboard there are three perforated rosettes; you can see the crank but are not visible the keyboard and the pegbox. The 5 strings are tied to an untrusted bridge/tailpiece.

Among the foots of the putto you can see part of the body, of the neck and of sickle pegbox with the three pegs of a viola da braccio.

Two bells of trumpets protrude from the canopy on which puts feet the putto player.

  • Cremona - Church of S. Sigismondo, intrados of the east arch of the tiburio.
  • 1535/37
  • Mural painting
  • Fresco
  • Good

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