Bernardino Gatti, detto “il Sojaro”, Pavia 1495 c. - Cremona 1576

1549 - Ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven

In the fresco the painter has painted the sides of the Christ who rises to the sky, a large group of angels, some of whom play musical instruments: a "theatrical" lira and two recorders in the left; to the right a lute.

The lyre, with 4 strings, is formed by a shaped frame 8 which terminates at the top with a sort of ring/yoke that binds the two arms terminating in a scroll surmounted by a head of putto; all the space inside the frame is closed by a soundboard with a perforated rose.

The two recorders are recognizable from beak to be lay it to his lips.

Of the lute, which you can see only part of the body and the keyboard with the keys, you see only 5 strings that may indicate an armature of 5 double courses.

  • Cremona, Church of S. Sigismondo, vault of the nave, second span.
  • 1549
  • Mural painting
  • Fresco
  • Good
  • Ferrari 1974

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