Giulio (Cremona, 1508 c. - 1573) e Antonio Campi (Cremona, 1524 - 1587)

1568/70 - Trophy with musical instruments

The instrumens, a bagpipe, a harp and a lute, are painted on the top of pilaster strip and a trumpet protruding from the belly of the goat held by the tail by an angel.

The bagpipe has a nice wineskin covered with a woven at chess reds and whites from which protrude the insufflator, a  melodic pipe and a drone with very large bells.

The zither has the parallel tablets; on the soundboard there is an elongated hole resonance at C, you do not see your ankles to tighten the strings.

Of the lute one sees only the lower part of the body, with the bridge and the upper part of the neck with the pegbox.

Of the trumpet at brass you see the bell and part of the barrel.

  • Cremona, Church of S. Sigismondo, Pillar south/west of the tiburio
  • 1568/70
  • Mural painting
  • Fresco
  • Good
  • Gianpaolo Gregori

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